Aug 09 2019

1. Artificial Intelligence
AI is one of the burning technologies today. The current era is witnessing digitization all around. In such an environment human and machine, collaboration is sure to provide a totally fresh and captivating trend in web development. With easier access to AI tools, we can expect the developers flocking towards employing AI in new and different ways this year.Web Development is the oil that powers most of the technology and development around us. Since decades the trends in Web Development have been evolving and creative and attractive changes have been shaping the development process. Today’s web development services are much matured and typical than before and sometimes it can be a tough task choosing from the same. Thus I am bringing forward some of the recent trends along with their specialties below so that you can have an insight into the dominating web development trends in 2019.

2. Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality has already marked its position in the gaming industry. Google and Mozilla have started working on APIs to help the Virtual Reality transitions to the web in order to add some brilliant features that the present web development lacks. In 2019 we expect more and more web apps to be developed using VR technologies.

3. Single Page Applications (SPAs)
As the name suggests, Single Page Application is a long page that is rid of complex menus and navigation. With the simplicity and speed that they provide. Many web development companies would be looking forward towards them which would augment the pool of their popularity. With the ease of navigation, they are surely going to find a precious place in the heart of the web developers.

4. Motion UI
There are a plethora of websites today. How long a user stays at your website depends on how much smooth and comfortable experience you can provide him. Simple yet elegant graphics can really come handy in this situation. 2019 will see static images and flash-based graphics being replaced by Motion UI at a much more rapid speed.

5. Enriched Designs
Recently there has been a shift towards a trend which includes more use of images, animation and shapes. The growing demand for graphics rather than textual content and efficient design for an overall fresh look of the website would be gathering more focus in 2019.

6. Push Notifications
The revolution that the Push notifications are bringing to the mobile industries will see an increasing dominance in 2019. They are profitable both on the manufacturers’ and the users’ end. At a very fast speed Push notifications are replacing the email newsletters because of their usability and accessibility.

7. Blockchain Technology
With the advent of blockchain technology, the world is moving towards a business era which is more transparent and involves fewer issues and risks of corruption. The big giants like Amazon and Microsoft are working really hard in order to come with their own blockchain based platforms. This would help in the authentication of big transactions and effective management of supply chains.

Thus we see that no matter how far you have come till now as a web development company, still hiring employees with the skills that can help you to incorporate the above trends will definitely be an advantage. The mentioned points are sure to bring a revolution in web development in the coming months and at a larger pace within few years.