Aug 09 2019

It is very important to invest wisely while learning a programming language as this is going to create a base for your future. The right choice will enable you to get good command on the framework and future development process and at the same time will help you to grasp other programming languages soon. Today multiple languages are being employed to create mobile and computer-based devices. Which one should you choose? In the discussion given below, we would come across some such programming languages to help you better.


1. Python

Python is the preference of plethora of software development companies because of its easy to write syntax, automatic time management and dynamic features. It is a high-level programming language used for general purpose programming. It facilitates the development process reducing the debugging burden too to a great extent. It is portable across different operating systems, contains user-friendly data structures and is widely supported by an active community.


2. Ruby

Ruby is the programming language of the new generation. It has several tools and libraries that take away the burden of learning programming vocabulary and commands. It is much suitable for small websites and is not that popular for big websites. It is fast and efficient and provides an easily understandable syntax. It has a plethora of resources and community support to help the developers.


3. Matlab

If the goal is testing than the most preferable choice would be Matlab. Matlab allows the testing team to execute testing algorithms without the need for recompilation. One can simplify the debugging process to a great extent with the help of Matlab. It has a toolbox of formats and functional features and has the ability to process both images and videos. Since all the data is stored in matrices, data analysis becomes very easy.


4. SQL

A standardized programming language which is used to perform relational functions and operations-SQL- is a highly interactive language that is at par with the other programming languages. It is widely used to modify database tables and index structures. It is an open source language which is portable and easy to use. It also does not require writing so much of codes.


5. Perl

Perl is widely employed for software, hardware and network testing in order to come up with quality software products. The reason why it is mostly preferred by the software development companies is because of its file handling technique and powerful file analyzing that takes a substantially least amount of time. It is the most used programming language for web apps. It supports OOP and offers easy expansion and flexibility.



The above programming languages are one of the popular choices of many Software development companies who are delivering services in gaming, web development etc. The final choice of the programming language depends to a great extent on the needs and requirements of the project that a company/developer is wanting to build. The programming languages form the foundation layer on which the entire building would be built. Thus utmost care should be taken while learning the same.


Hope this helps!!