Aug 13 2019

Why Your Business Should Be on Facebook?

Get Started With Marketing On Facebook Make Facebook Page Build Your Audience Facebook Posts Advanced Facebook Features Engage your Audience Promote your Business on Facebook Understanding Facebook Insights and Reports Advanced Page and Mobile Features

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Jul 30 2019

Parallel Computing: Amdahl’s Law

Amdahl’s law can be used to calculate how much a computation can be sped up by running part of it in parallel. Amdahl’s law is named after Gene Amdahl who

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Aug 02 2019

Parallel Computing- Super Linear Speedup

Superlinear speedup comes from exceeding naively calculated speedup even after taking into account the communication process (which is fading, but still this is the bottleneck). For example, you have serial

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Aug 04 2019

Vector(Array) Processing and Superscalar Processors

A Scalar processor is a normal processor, which works on simple instruction at a time, which operates on single data items. But in today’s world, this technique will prove to

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Aug 09 2019

Top Web Development Trends to look for in 2019

1. Artificial IntelligenceAI is one of the burning technologies today. The current era is witnessing digitization all around. In such an environment human and machine, collaboration is sure to provide

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